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LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 4.1

A well known bidirectional talking dictionary with 400,000 word/phrase database
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The Lingvosoft Talking Dictionary for Windows is recently launched by Lingvosoft and available in more then 50 languages in different combinations with bidirectional capability. It is utilizing a database of a whopping 400,000 words and phrases. Means it contains all generally used words. If we enlist its features then it has a long list of features. So let’s talk about them.
Searching the meaning of a word is very easy here as you expect, because as you start typing it starts showing results in real-time, and therefore you does not require to type full word most of the time to see its meaning and of course you can directly use its copy and paste feature to save time. Or otherwise you can also use windows inbuilt onscreen keyboard, if you really don’t want to use your hands on keyboard to type a word. You can also find all words containing a particular keyword by its search feature. It also supports wildcard search feature which I think is a breath of any successful dictionary. But its wildcard search capability is not as powerful as required.
Here you can also change user interface with French, German, Spanish and Russian language interfaces also other then English. So for those users who uses these languages it is easy to built their vocabulary. But of course dictionary is bidirectional as Lingvosoft says. And it is really a bidirectional dictionary. You can search in reverse order. I mean to say you can search by typing in both Languages. With its capability of adding/editing the existing bidirectional dictionary you can add new words to its main dictionary. Or otherwise if you want you can also create your own personalized user dictionary. You can also use Lingvosoft's Flashcards (if you want you can read more about Lingvosoft's Flashcards on their site).
Customization features like changing fonts and their size and also the size of the main window, color of card background, transparency effect etc. also available. So it is easy on eyes and better for screen space management. You can remove some buttons from user toolbars. It keeps track of your searched words by its history feature.
You can short listing the words by using its Parts of speech filter option. Means you can filter the database by Verbs, Nouns, Adjective, Idioms and Adverbs etc.
It a talking dictionary as its name proves, because it pronounces the English words just by a single mouse click. It is using the most advanced BST Text-to-Speech synthesis, so you never need to check transcriptions.
But its leg puller is its high cost 49.95$. Hmmm…! But you may get some discount offers also.

Manoj Goel
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  • Blazing Speed
  • Light weight
  • Bidirectional
  • Copy-Paste feature
  • Speech filter option
  • Wildcard search feature
  • Real-time search feature
  • User interface customization feature
  • Facility to use Lingvosoft's Flashcards
  • Multi-Language user interface support
  • Facility to create personalized user dictionary
  • English word pronunciation just by single click
  • Lists containing words from keyword search feature


  • Cost is bit higher
  • Not pronounce other language words
  • Wildcard search is not as powerful as required
  • User interface is not very attractive
  • Not directly reading words from all documents
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